Timo Humalamäki (sitting on the right-hand chair) joined Balanced Growth Boutique as an advisor and board member to support founders and freelancers in the spring of 2022.

Timo Humalamäki joined BGB as an advisor and board member

Timo strengthens BGB’s understanding of e-commerce and digital transformation projects, especially with larger clients.

Timo’s leadership skills and experience in service business management will tremendously affect the development of our growth marketing services.

“I’m excited to get involved in developing and supporting Balanced Growth Boutique’s journey after witnessing the team’s drive from the sidelines for some months,” comments Timo.

Our team grew a lot during the spring of 2022

In addition to Timo, I (Mikko Rindell) joined the team full-time in February after supporting Mirka Tallus (standing on the left) during the first year of operation in the background as an advisor.

Juuso Helander (sitting on the left-hand chair), a content specialist freelancer, also started working more closely with us during the spring, both with our own content and client content projects.

Pauliina Määttä, an experienced digital marketing freelancer, also started working with us in May. She specializes in search engine optimization and advertising. 

Mikko Rindell