We at Balanced Growth Boutique work with marketing freelancers in multiple ways. Some freelancers in our network help us with our marketing, and some work side-by-side on client projects.

With many of you, we occasionally exchange ideas on being a freelancer and/or marketeer. 

When writing this, there are 12 freelancers in our website’s network section. From the beginning, we have followed a simple rule in adding more freelancers on our website: Out of all of the freelancers listed on our page, we need to have had actual cooperation with at least 50% before we can add new ones.

What does actual cooperation mean in this context? It means the following:

  • There has been at least one paid project between you as a freelancer and Balanced Growth Boutique
  • There has been at least one paid project between you as a freelancer and a client organization where Balanced Growth Boutique connected the two of you.
  • Balanced Growth Boutique founders have worked with you in the past, and we, this way, know enough about you to be able to connect you with real projects.

When writing this, there are 7/12 freelancers on our website we have actually cooperated with. Additionally, there are some freelancers we have actually worked with without listing them on our website.  

A handful of marketing freelancers have said they would like to work with us and are waiting to be listed on our website.  

Why is this relevant to you? In case you are one of those freelancers we have been talking to, this is to clarify we haven’t forgotten you.

How do you get paid marketing projects through us?

Just send us one email, and the work will follow. No, unfortunately, it is not that easy. And frankly, becoming listed on our website is a starting point.

The process goes like this:

  1. Fill in the freelancer form
  2. We’ll get back to you via email
  3. We’ll organize a “discovery call” where Mikko tells about us, and you can tell about yourself.
  4. We’ll place you in our freelancer directory (Notion page), from where we will propose freelancers to projects when the needs arise
  5. We’ll place you in the queue to get your profile published in our Freelancer Network section.

And of course, we are happy to break this process if we can match your profile with a real-life client project or similar.

And it won’t harm if you break the process early on by following up on LinkedIn or via email. The most active freelancers have gotten the most projects.

Interested in joining our Freelancer Network? Fill in the form here:

Mikko Rindell