BGB founders Mikko Rindell and Mirka Tallus

This article briefly introduces Balanced Growth Boutique’s founders, Mirka Tallus and Mikko Rindell.

Mirka Tallus – Founder & Consultant, analytics and performance marketing

When I met Mirka for the first time in 2017, she worked as an assistant and office manager at SEB corporate finance. Since then, she also held a customer success role in a technology company and a marketing role in a leadership consultancy before starting to help BGB’s clients in analytics and performance marketing.

At BGB, Mirka specializes in keyword research, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager tracking setups. She also provides continuous optimization and management service for several ad platforms (currently focusing on Google & LinkedIn advertising).

As the CEO of Balanced Growth Boutique, she takes care of multiple admin tasks. She improves our team-level productivity by helping others use our tools and technology better daily.

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Mikko Rindell – Founder & Consultant, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before starting to work full-time at BGB in February, I led the marketing team at a customer service chatbot company GetJenny, which was acquired by contact center solution provider LeadDesk in July 2021. In H1/2021, 27 percent of new business was directly attributed to marketing-generated leads. Marketing-generated leads presented an even bigger share of new international sales.

I also co-founded an agency focusing on inbound marketing development and Hubspot consulting. That agency was merged into another full-service adverting agency. At the time of writing this, I have +7 years of experience in agencies and +6 years in digital marketing in-house roles.

I consider myself a digital marketing generalist. In BGB’s client projects, I focus on pointing the teams to see what is relevant right now. Additionally, I help our clients to get relevant traffic from search engines with the help of on-page optimization.

In addition, I’m in charge of our sales & projects. Happy to discuss how we could help your business with our growing team and skillset.

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Mikko Rindell