Digital marketing and analytics know-how with entrepreneurial attitude

We help business owners and marketing leaders to grow relevant organic website traffic and run and optimize Google & LinkedIn ads as a service.


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Porin Villa ja Peite

Why should you build, run and optimize your digital marketing operations with us?

Our core team offers a unique combination of practical digital marketing management experience and hands-on execution capability delivered with entrepreneurial drive.


When working with us, you improve your data-driven marketing skills as we make your marketing analytics make sense to you.

Kick-ass project management as a crucial part of our service

Our marketing specialists take care of the project management themselves. And we take project management seriously.


When working with our digital marketing boutique you benefit from our entrepreneurial way of driving things forward.

What is balanced growth?

Focus on linear growth

Most business owners & leaders dream about the “hockey stick” revenue growth. That’s also referred to as rapid growth and can occur after a long term linear growth.

According to our experience, businesses should focus on having some linear growth before dreaming about the game-changing growth hacks. And for your linear growth to happen, you’ll need to have the right processes, skills and tools in place.

Growth marketing & Balanced growth

Even though growth marketing includes rapid testing, experimentation and weekly sprints, it doesn’t mean that successful growth marketing is like a sprint run workout. On the contrary, it is more like a marathon.

Balanced Growth Boutique as the name of our growth marketing boutique highlights the importance of this holistic stakeholder perspective.

“We believe that modern and productive knowledge-work, like successful growth marketing, requires a holistic approach to achieving the desired results.


Individuals’ and organizations’ goals need to align in an appropriate way.”

Our Core ServiceS

We focus on delivering these services to our clients with the highest possible quality. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a service

  • Data-driven project plans based on a Keyword Research
  • Goal setting and results monitoring (Ahrefs)
  • Hands-on on-page optimization work
  • Publishing optimized content in your content management system (often this is done by you or your in-house team)
  • Project management



950€ per day (excl. VAT)



Google Ads – Campaign Management & optimization

  • Data-driven advertising plans based on a Keyword Research
  • Account (re)structuring and setups
  • Account management and optimization as a monthly service
  • Reporting with Google Data Studio
  • Monthly development meetings
  • Project management



Starting from 1190€ per month (excl. VAT)


LINKEDIN ADS – Campaign management and optimization

  • Campaign planning & campaign manager setups
  • Advertising audience planning and creation
  • Account management and optimization as a monthly service
  • Campaign content creation guidance and support
  • Customized reporting
  • Project management



Starting from 1190€ per month (excl. VAT)

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our network of freelancers

Growth Marketing 

Stijn Boon

I am a hands-on marketing specialist with a track record of increasing company revenue through various marketing activities. My main specialty is demand generation.

I focus on several areas:

?SEO content writing
?SEO strategies and keyword research
?Google and LinkedIn advertising
?Setting up marketing metrics & CRMs
?Marketing funnel optimization

See Stijn's profile on LinkedIn.


Growth Marketing 

Anna Pogrebniak

Growth marketer with a passion for SaaS companies. 

?5+ years of experience in SaaS growth marketing
?Worked with Google and LinkedIn ads on daily basis for multiple companies and industries, managing budgets from 1 to 20K/month
?Managed to get pages ranked #1 for relevant search terms in Google with SEO


Videography & Producing

Jouni Ranta

I'm Jouni Ranta, a video production specialist creating engaging content that speaks directly to your target audience. Let me help you achieve your marketing goals with high-quality videos that deliver concrete outcomes.

?Commercial videos
?Explainer videos
?2d and 3d animations
?Videocast and podcast

See Jouni's profile on LinkedIn.
Jouni's company website. 


Pauliina Määttä

I have a comprehensive background in marketing. I have worked in (and with) B2B and B2C sectors from education to healthcare and from the construction industry to the energy sector.

My services include:
?Web analytics (Google Analytics)
?Tagging (GTM)
?Data Visualization (Looker Studio)
?SEO: keyword audits, content optimization, content strategy
?SEM: audits, campaign creation & optimization

See Pauliina's profile on LinkedIn.


Concept design 

Matti Vahtera

I am a Digital service designer with strong eCommerce background. I’ve been working with hundreds of e-commerce companies in Finland, UK and Sweden.

I mostly deliver to our clients:

?Great user experiences to their websites and apps
?Better conversion rates for their eCommerce solutions
?Interactive workshops and speeches about UX

See Matti's profile on LinkedIn.
Matti's company website.


Maria Ahonen

I’m a professional with over 10 years of experience in modern, creative, multi-channel, and measurable marketing and communications. I am a writer, SEO specialist, and a very skilled content marketing professional.

I focus on the following areas
? Senior level copywriting
? Senior level content marketing

See Maria's profile on LinkedIn.
Maria's company website. 


Sara peltola

I create valuable and effective content for interesting brands through

? Content production (blogs and articles)
? Copywriting
? E
mail marketing
? Finnish - English - Finnish translations

I mainly have experience with companies in the areas of wellness, hospitality and sustainability.

See Sara's profile on LinkedIn.



Juuso Helander

I’m an experienced content creator with a background in the SaaS and technology sector. My services include: 

? Blog posts
? Long-form articles

? E-books
? Case studies
? Lightweight video productions
? Copywriting
? Email marketing

See Juuso's profile on LinkedIn.

Strategy / Content

Essi Järvinen

I am a marketing and communications professional with over 10 years of experience. 

I focus on the following content areas
? Articles
? R
eference articles
? Blog posts
? Email marketing
rganic and paid social media
ervice and product descriptions
? Sales materials

See Essi's profile on LinkedIn.

Growth Marketing 

Teemu nyyssönen

I am a Senior Growth Marketer with years of experience in online sales growth. I have had honor to help different companies from early-stage startups to large corporates.

I enjoy driving online sales growth whether it is to get the first units sold or scale up the sales.

Besides the immediate sales growth, I enjoy passing on my sales growth processes to my client's team so they can continue doing the same things.

See Teemu's profile on LinkedIn.

Concept design / Videography & Photography

Lauri Hassi

We will make something amazing together - ready to look good and feel good? 

I focus on

? Creating videos that bring together your brand, product, and audience in a powerful way
? Speaking to the right people in the right way

To make things easy for everyone, I've mastered a process of production that is both agile and thorough.


Pessi Peura

Content creator with years of experience in multi-channel content creation.

Specialized in:
? Podcasts
? Videos
? Long-form articles

See Pessi's profile on LinkedIn.


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    We provide expertise and clarity in widely used analytics, marketing and paid acquisition tools.


    Mirka Tallus

    Founder | Consultant, analytics and performance marketing

    Mirka has experience working in marketing in various tasks. She specializes in keyword research, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager tracking setups. She also provides continuous optimization services for several ad platforms. Mirka has an innovative way of working with an eye for detail.

    Mikko Rindell

    Founder | Consultant, data-driven sales and marketing

    Mikko has solid experience in marketing as he has over 10 years of experience working in the field, both in agency and in-house roles. He focuses on helping clients with marketing strategy, SEO strategy and building scalable data-driven marketing engines. 

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